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About Us

Elite-Bodyworks, based in Basingstoke, was founded in February 2011 by Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches James Smith & Ben Ross.

James and Ben have over 20 years’experience in the industry between them and have worked with a range of clients from professional athletes, fitness competitors and sports teams through to executives, children and housewives.

Elite-Bodyworks' aim is to provide a standard of service that is not commonly found within the industry and it was to be based on results.

Continuing education is extremely important to Elite-Bodyworks as a company and James and Ben have completed courses and internships with top coaches not only throughout the UK but also around Europe.

James and Ben have are both certified Biosignature Practititoners and certified PICP (Poliquin International Certification Programme) Strength and Conditioning specialists, James through to Level 2. They also have experience using therapy techniques such as the FAT Tool. They have also interned around the country with top coaches such as Tom Hibbert, Tom Crudgington and Phil Learney.

The recent additions they have made to the EBW Coaching Team only strengthen their current reputation as becoming one of the leading sources of information and training expertise in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

This enables them to be at the forefront of the industry with not only the latest research but using information and experience that is proven to work with elite trainers in the country.