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Alex Pearson JONES

Alex is an ever-evolving strength coach, his passion lies in never taking his “finger-off the pulse” type of attitude with both his clients training, nutrition and lifestyle as well as his own education.

This has allowed him at a young age, and being relatively new to the industry (5 years), to have interned and been educated by many of the industry’s leading coaches such as Charles Poliquin, Tamas Ferher among others.

Alex is a qualified BioSignature practitioner this allows him to give his clients a hormonal blueprint, as well as their current levels of body fat, he is able to use his extensive knowledge, to create nutrition and lifestyle management plan that will help you achieve the physique you deserve.

As a UKSCA Strength Coach, and British Weightlifting coach, Alex is able to design, and implement very effective programmes that not only get you moving but get you moving well. His meticulous nature ensures that “no stone is left unturned” so you will not only become stronger but also more mobile.

In 2015, Alex pursued his interest in Powerlifting, and went on to compete at the national level winning the "All Englands" Championship in his age and weight class.

Since he has had the opportunity to compete, as part of the English Team in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships.