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Ben Ross

Ben is a highly qualified PICP strength & conditioning coach specialising in body transformations and Olympic weightlifting, who can guarantee results!

As a trainer with many years of education and experience in the fitness industry, he has the practical experience and knowledge to help you achieve what you need. Having helped launch Elite-Bodyworks in February 2011 he has achieved outstanding results with all of his clients, to see them, take a look at our transformations page.

Ben works with clients from various backgrounds, but as a competitive weightlifter this is where his passion lies. Ben has completed the British weightlifting coach awards up to the  highest standard, competed in national competitions and is an Olympic weightlifting referee. This experience in Weightlifting allows Ben to easily introduce Olympic lifting into any strength & conditioning programme to help them develop speed, power and strength beyond what they thought was possible.

Ben was also one of a few people to attend the very first Biosignature level 2 course, this has given him a huge understanding of supplements and hormones, but most importantly how to manipulate them to get the very best results. He uses this highly regarded Biosignature method of spot reducing stubborn body fat through supplementation and nutritional strategies. He can provide you with an in-depth nutrition plan geared towards giving you the right tools and knowledge to help you achieve the health, physique and confidence you deserve.

Ben Believes you should never stop learning, as a result he has been taught by some of the best professionals in the industry including, Ma strength, Dmitry Klokov, British weightlifting Coaches, Charles Poliquin and many more.

Here are Ben’s current achievements: