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Farah Fonseca

Sponsored Athlete Farah Fonseca, has been training with EBW since 2015. Since winning our in house Basingstoke Strongest Novice competition she has gone on to win Englands Strongest Woman u63kg in both 2016 and 2017 as well as Britains Strongest Woman in 2017 and placing 4 th at the Arnold show in Ohio in 2017.

Farah has since become recognised as a leading international Strong Woman in her weight class and is due to compete at Worlds Strongest Woman in December 2017.

Since becoming a Personal trainer in 2011 her passion lies in making women not only feel strong in the gym, but in every day life. Continually developing her skill set she went on the specialise in female health, qualifying as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Advanced Boot Camp Instructor, she is confident in not only helping women get stronger from the inside out.

By ensuring all her clients bodies are working optimally on a hormonal basis, means their results are not only short term but last a life time.

Due to Farahs role in strong woman and passion for boot camp style classes, her sessions will include helping clients coming up to competitions with Strong man/ Woman style training and of course, boot camp style classes.

Farah brings some noise, energy and arguably the most infectious laugh to EBW.