trade of forest


trade of forest

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expert of research center of trade of forest products of national forestry bureau on forum of height of first man-made board " analysis of current situation of man-made board imports and exports and target market are forecasted " the Reclaimed Wooden Composite Decking In Malaysia theme makes a speech Liu Nengwen is made on the conference " Chinese lumber and wood are current

working summary reached association 2016 the job planned 2017 " report. NewLiu Nengwen of current association chairman expresses Easy Installation Horse Fence Chinese lumber and wood, association is be expert at group of construction of job of proposal of industry survey, policy, standardization, statistic and news service, brand, plastic decking boards with a integrated grain in white satin industry is bred wait for a respect to

begin the work, drove lumber and wood to sort the development of current job. Liu Nengwen is Chinese lumber and wood current association 7 2 magic wood wpc cladding times council adds vice-chairman newly to issue letter. In addition, the expert of the wood industry such as plank and custom-built household, scholar, entrepreneur around man-made board industrial
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