the wall or other flooring are Leaving


the wall or other flooring are Leaving

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Floor pavement technical requirements 1) construction must first for moisture, pest control. First spray pest control powder, and then shop moisture-proof paper (film). Moisture-proof paper (film) to stack more than 20CM, and to be paved to the wall above 10CM. 2) the use of keel laying method,
the keel and accessories must be dry, can not use poor quality, pollution, moisture, easy to decay, easy to eat materials for keel and accessories, or can not construction. The first floor of the leveling (the floor height difference is too large, should be padded wood leveling, keel and keel between the use of hammer drilling or nailing.
method will be fixed on the ground keel keel and the wall or other flooring are Leaving a distance of 5-10MM. If the ground with water pipes or heating facilities, to take the keel laying, the bone should be replaced with plastic steel, aluminum and other new keel or adhesive sticking short wood keel.
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