floor products will become mainstream


floor products will become mainstream

Postby fengqingxue » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:00 am

<p>adjustment, because this adjustment I think it is essential. That is, the whole brand may have to adjust the entire resource to be adjusted, the entire manufacturer may have to adjust.<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/6124.html'>composite decking furniture plans</a> Similar to the formation of such a floor group like us, and now there are a lot of people want to join our floor group, we are now considering how to make it bigger and stronger, to have a rapid development. So, I think 08 should be a year of adjustment,backyard patio wpc flower boxes the domestic market is bound to be developed, foreign markets now see, because the price and exchange rate changes are relatively large, the national tax rebate changes will directly affect our exports. Moderator: What do </p>
<p>you mean is 08 years is the adjustment year, you will be bigger in 2008 adjustment year? Song Jiulong: Yes, because the original as the floor is mainly export-oriented, 90% of exports,<a href='http://deckingwholesale.com/wpc-deck/4240.html'>wood plastic composite dealer in chennai</a> this year we want to focus on domestic adjustment and development, we want 30% of the products ready to put into the country, we want to domestic network Do well Because after all, we are exporting products in Europe, in line with the needs of Europe,pricing a composite deck the same is in line with China's needs. In addition, we are China's brand name, we want to China's brand name really in China to do it. Moderator: You said in the development of the domestic market, and </p>
<p>recently a lot of friends reflect the recent domestic decoration industry prices, as well as raw material prices, you feel that we may have the price of the floor industry,<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/wpc-deck/5679.html'>pool deck plans 18 ft round</a> the possibility of how much? Song Jianlong: price increases is an inevitable trend, because all manufacturers are adjusting the price, the price adjustment of raw materials, and inevitably coupled with the cost of artificial manufacturing increased, prices are inevitable. However, this price I think it is more rational. I think from the floor now if the country to increase the resource tax, then the price should be adjustedpatio floor options, because it is resource consumption. But I think if a house hundreds of </p>
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