other characteristics, is widely


other characteristics, is widely

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<p>base surface water is too large. Third, clean that should be clean. As the base of the construction date and the elastic floor of the pavement of the pavement is always a difference for some time, the middle will inevitably stampede, or other items stacked, scattered. So the surface layer before paving, should be carefully treated (can not be washed with water), such as oil and other impurities, the application of roast or alkaline water scrub, so as not to cause paste </p>
<p>effect. Fourth, the slide that the base surface should be hard, smooth, should not be rough, from the sand. The smooth adhesion of the base layer is greater than the coarse cohesive force. This is because the rough surface to form a lot of pores, scraping agent, not only increase the amount of adhesive, but also the thickness is not uniform. After the paste, due to the fine pores of the adhesive more, which disperse the gas continue to distribute, when accumulated to a </p>
<p>certain extent, will be in the paste of the weak parts of the plate from the drum or corner of the phenomenon of Alice. Edit Comment: flat, dry, clean, slippery, this is the flax floor installation of the four main points, hope it can help you do a good job linen floor installation work, for more knowledge of linen flooring, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network TheIs a high-quality, high-tech research and development of new ground decoration </p>
<p>tongue and groove deck not attached<br />
noble wood fence panels installation in singapore<br />
plastic wall cladding philippines</p>
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