bamboo flooring factory project


bamboo flooring factory project

Postby fengqingxue » Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:47 am

<p>thousands, hundreds of millions of the entire decoration materials, assuming that 100 square meters or 200 square meters, if the floor is 200 dollars, then only forty thousand dollars,<a href=''>getting scuff marks off vinyl decking</a> so the price and the house Than it is, it is still relatively low. So, I think the decorative materials will improve. Because in fact all in the price, it does not rise I think it is impossible. Moderator: give us to predict how much can increase? Song Jianlong: the gains are different, but this increase I think it should be about 10%. That is, at this stage on the basis of 10% may be adjusted.facility of wood plastic composite in the malaysia Moderator: I see to participate in the exhibition, there are many foreign manufacturers, there are </p>
<p>many foreign professional and technical personnel to participate in the exhibition,<a href=''>decking newel posts in uk</a> I would like to ask you forest workers in the overseas market, our products have no advantage, where the advantages? Song Jianlong: China's first solid wood flooring products produced in our Jinqiao, these years of continuous development, and now we export in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, has spread all over the five continents, including Africa, South America and so on. water catching system under deckThe quality of the floor has been their recognition, and because the right of our floor resources from our Changbai Mountain, we have a unique advantage. So, after they visited </p>
<p>our factory, we saw so much rich resources, determined to use our floor confidence. And the quality of our floor to meet the European standards, so they come here to order and orders,<a href=''>deck material cost</a> many manufacturers are more than ten years of cooperation in the history. So, in this respect, he is very recognized for our quality. Moderator: Thank you for accepting our interview, thank you. Song Jianlong: Thank you. Recently,wood plastic pergola calculator in uk Jilin forest workers a new generation of imitation wood molded flooring officially put on the market, it is the company following the strengthening of composite flooring, multi-layer laminate flooring, the latest high-tech products with high </p>
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