scraping the uniform must not have scraping


scraping the uniform must not have scraping

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<p>decoration network.Linen flooring is made of linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, jute and green paint made of environmentally friendly flooring, durable, environmentally friendly and beautiful, widely used in home decoration, the following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the composition of linen flooring raw materials. First, the linseed oil from the flaxseed extract, is the most important linen green floor of the raw materials (linen green floor of the name also comes from </p>
<p>this). For many years, flaxseed oil has been widely used, from cooking oil to drugs that quickly relieve colds. Second, rosin from the pine trees, the extraction method used will not harm the growth of pine trees. As a binder for linen green flooring, together with flaxseed oil, give linen green floor unique strength and toughness. Third, the use of wood flour in the linoleum floor is due to its unique characteristics of the adsorption of pigments, it gives the beautiful color </p>
<p>of the linen green floor and ensures its long color fastness. Fine wood flour can also provide a particularly smooth surface, so that linen green floor is very easy to clean. The wood flour we use is made from wood in the renewable forest area, where every tree is cut down and a new tree is replicated in place. Fourth, the limestone around the world, has a huge reserves, after the fine grinding of limestone powder is the production of linen green floor of the </p>
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