Take good care of your teeth!

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Take good care of your teeth!

Postby Mable23 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:35 am

Hey, neglecting your dental and oral health, diet and using tobacco are the root causes of mouth, tooth and gum problems.
In order to avoid this, it is good if one start to take care of oneself.
I never used to take care of my teeth earlier. I was so lazy to even brush once. Because of my negligence, I had 3 teeth decays. I had severe tooth pain too associated with this. When I consulted my dentist, he said that posterior restoration is the only thing that can be done. I did porcelain inlay on my teeth.
He also asked me to take good care of my teeth and gave me some tips like brushing twice, flossing after eating food, rinsing the mouth daily with fluoride containing mouthwash, eating balanced and nutritious food and visiting the dentist for checkups.
I am doing all these regularly and thankfully, I don’t have any teeth problems now. Please take good care of your teeth when you have them. Hope it helps somebody out here.
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