How to choose wood flooring


How to choose wood flooring

Postby Qizhenbi » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:29 am

Wood flooring not only has a pure natural feeling of the logs, but also to give the floor heavy sense and history and culture; color changeable, whether it is fashion or home improvement field, retro style has been much loved by everyone. Vintage wood flooring calm, style atmosphere, by many people to buld a composite tables
To heavy color, dark color, to break the solid wood flooring color single, dull shortcomings; keep the wood free texture at the same time, man-made patchy, surface ups and downs and other elements to increase the dynamic. Appearance texture with the logs is no different, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish between the two wood-plastic composite floor.plastic floors as wood in Qatar
By the multi-layer of wood raw material pressure from the complex, detailed embossed wood grain texture obvious, with the knife cut the staggered complement each other, the color is simple but more brilliant, luxurious, like the South China Sea black pearl so bright, showing the city's fashion and Modern texture at the same time, penetrate a touch of nostalgic charm. Can be paved in a stylish and concise style interior, or as a modern pavement for modern apartments.picnic table plans using composite decking
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