Why asphalt sprinkler driving is strictly prohibited


Why asphalt sprinkler driving is strictly prohibited

Postby Qizhenbi » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:34 am

Automatic asphalt sprinkler is a fixed torch to the asphalt box of fire tube heating, it should first open the asphalt box on the chimney mouth, and in the liquid asphalt submerged fire tube, you can ignite the torch, heating torch The flame is too large or the spread of the spread should be more than the first time than the torch, until the excess fuel burned after use.articulated tandem roller supplier

Automatic asphalt spray cloth burner in the early use, should first close the suction pipe and near the mouth, portable torch lit can not be close to the flammable.sidewalk pothole repair machine price

Automatic asphalt sprinkler full of asphalt sprinkler should be in the form of speed, if you encounter a bend or downhill should be slowed down in advance, try to avoid emergency braking, the heating system is prohibited during travel.inexpensive purchase roadway paving materials
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Re: Why asphalt sprinkler driving is strictly prohibited

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