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Franki Napolitano

Franki's commitment to her own development over the last 4 years, as well as working closely with James and Ben, has meant that she has the required skills to lead and inspire.

After officially joining the Coaching Team in March 2014, she has predominantly led our Elite Females sessions. Her friendly and approachable nature makes her a natural introduction point into gym life for many of our female clients.

As with the other EBW Coaches, Franki is also a competitive athlete; after winning her first Olympic Lifting Competition, she went on to place 7th in England's Strongwoman Championships u63kg and 5th in Britain's Natural Strongest Woman u65kg 2014 - where she also set a British Natural Strongman Federation Record in a Deadlift event!

This year she competed in The IFC (International Fitness Championships), placing 6th of 21 Female athletes. Spurred on by this, she has just preregistered for the same event next year to hopefully creep up the leader board! It's a great test of self discipline as not only do you need to be strong, but have the physique to match...Watch this Space!