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James Smith

James has become recognised as a leading Personal Trainer within Hampshire.

Having founded the company, Elite-Bodyworks, in February 2011 he has achieved massive success with his clients.

James specialises in strength, conditioning and rapid body transformations. Having studied under leading experts in the field since 2007, he has been exposed to nutritional information and training methodology that far exceeds your average personal trainer.

Continual development is a high priority of James’ and he regularly attends courses, seminars and internships to keep him at the forefront of the industry. He plans to intern in America, Germany and Ireland within the next couple of years as well as the UK.

James is also a competitive strongman athlete at u90kg, his highest achievement in qualifying for the World's Strongest Natural Man u90kg in 2016. He combines this with a huge passion for Golf, currently playing off 5 and aiming to get to scratch in the next couple of years.

This is a results business, why would you work with anyone that cannot guarantee your results? One set of photos is the equivalent of a thousand testimonials (which most personal trainers use to prove their results). But, at Elite-Bodyworks in this year alone James has accumulated numerous amazing client body transformations with many more currently being worked towards.

If you’re looking for a trainer this year look no further than James at Elite-Bodyworks.