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Biosignature Modulation


MST combines classic strongman lifts such as tyre flipping, farmer’s walks and deadlifts with a modern approach and training protocols that transfer to the athletic population and also for people wanting that extra edge when training.

Developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, the Biosignature allows for the most accurate and non-invasive method available to accurately calculate an individual’s hormonal profile.

This will then allow us to identify where your body naturally stores body fat, why it stores it there and indicates what we need to implement to reduce it as quickly as possible. This can be through nutrition, exercise and supplementation and will be unique to your own hormonal blueprint.

An example would be that if you tend to store fat around your 'love handles' (supra-iliac) and your upper back (sub-scapula) then this is an indication that genetically you’re not able to cope efficiently with carbohydrates.

Storing fat around your stomach (umbilicus) is in direct relation to the stress hormone Cortisol; a relatively high skin fold reading here would indicate that you are exposed to stress and are not able to effectively cope with it.

Don’t worry! The Biosignature Method is here to help!

Identification of problem sites will effectively enable us to spot reduce that specific area, resulting in immediate and dramatic results. After two weeks you should start to see noticeable changes and it’s not uncommon to see a 10% body fat reduction in 12 weeks.

The initial consultation will involve:

Following this initial assessment you will have the guidelines and tools to help you rapidly change your body composition forever.

To book your initial consultation contact us today!