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Children's Training

Want to invest in your child’s future health and sporting ability? You’re in the right place!

We are now offering a range of different classes for children, see below for a description of each class.

For all booking or enquires please contact: ben@elite-bodyworks.com


These sessions are based around helping Your Children learn the basics of weight training and correct technique for a range of different exercises. Always starting with easiest variation then only progressing on to the more advanced when the child masters correct technique.

Children will get a progress card to stamp when technique is perfected for each set of exercises. This helps them understand the clear progressions for each body part, information that will help them keep them safe in a future gym environment.

Beginners Olympic Weightlifting

Want to jump higher? Perhaps throw further? Then these sessions are for you! This session is aimed for the aspiring weightlifter/athletic child. All the greatest Olympic Weightlifters started when they were young and most explosive athletes know how much Olympic Weightlifting helps them become more powerful.

Olympic Weightlifting session will again be based around correct technique and kids will only ever lift weight well within them. The aim to help children learn the Olympic lifts, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, alongside assistance exercises for these and others to improve co-ordination, explosive power and overall athleticism.

Modified Strongkids Training

This session is based around Modified Strongman Training (MST) but is adapted for the young ones. This is a fast paced session that will help create useable and functional strength. You can expect to make use of equipment such as tyres, farmer’s walks, sand bags, barrels, ropes, sleds and prowlers.

Term-Time Timetable Coming Soon!

For more information or to check for the next available date please Contact Us