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FAT Tool

FAT Tool stands for Fascial Abrasion Technique and is designed for Personal Trainers/Strength Coaches who want to complement their training knowledge with some soft tissue work. The tool itself is a unique design which is able to address all muscles whether they are long, short or close to a joint.

Layman's term - Increases range of motion and decreases pain and fascia restriction immediately.

"When I first heard about the FAT tool treatment I was sceptical, as like many others, but after being explained the benefits and methodology by James I decided to go ahead and have the treatment.

My reason for having the treatment was because I have always suffered with tight hamstrings, this has restricted my ability to remain injury free. The technique itself is similar to a sports massage but a “tool” is used instead. The main benefit for me was that the tool and the pressure provided meant it could get deep into any muscle, something which isn’t always possible with some sports massages.

The treatment not only includes work with the FAT tool but also includes exercises, under supervision, to work on specific muscles that would strengthen the affected areas I saw results immediately, you will be able to see from the pictures the difference in range I achieved. I know some will doubt the results but each time we tested I can honestly say I stretched to the maximum amount my body would allow!

Since this treatment I have remained injury free and have increased my range of motion considerably. For anyone currently deciding to have this treatment I would defiantly recommend it!" - Paul Cook

Below are some of the results we have had with the FAT Tool. For assessments and treatments contact us.

Fascial mobilisation using the FAT-Tool that specifically targets and loosens the fascia that surrounds and inter-connects muscle tissue that, when tight, can restrict range of motion and impair quality of movement.

This device can help with recovery after hard workouts and improve performance by optimising soft tissue mobility and increasing range of motion. The FAT-Tool has been reported to help improve motor-firing patterns by optimising soft tissue mechanics and stimulating specialised receptors within the skin and underlying fascia.

A small amount of warming balm is applied to the area being assessed and treated. The application of a thin layer allows for smoother movement of the FAT-Tool while at the same time, helps improve the friction between the tool and the skin.