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Modified Strongman/woman Training


When you choose your personal trainer you should be completely comfortable from the outset, this is why we offer a 30min, free, no obligation consultation to talk about your goals and how we are going to help you achieve them.

Modified Strongman/Woman Training (MST) has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years and has always been a favourite of those training with Elite-Bodyworks.

MST takes traditional strongman exercises (tyres, dragging and carrying objects, log pressing etc) and combines them with more traditional compound weight exercises such as the Squat and Deadlift to create a hard but brutally effective fat loss workout.

The sessions will always vary, sometimes it may be comprised of a circuit with high volume and low rest periods and sometimes the focus may be more on increasing strength on a particular exercise or overloading a specific muscle group.

How will Modified Strongman training benefit you?

Sessions are open to males and females of any age and teams looking for a group session.

If you are a sports team looking to improve your team’s performance with a training system sure to give you the winning edge we can create specific sessions for you to train.


Wednesday's at 8pm and Saturday's at 9 or 10am. For Further information take a look at our classes timetable