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The Rules for Senior Competitions

1- The Snatch

The bar must be lifted from floor to arms length overhead without a press. The arms may not lock and unlock. The wrists may not turn over before the bar passes the head. The bar must be held motionless and the feet in line apart until there is a signal from the referee to lower it. The bar must not be dropped from above shoulder height.

The centre of the bar is set at 22.5 cm from the floor and once it reaches knee height it must not pause or be lowered during the pull. It must be replaced on the platform (4 x 4 m.) and no part of the body may overlap the edge save on a raised platform, so long as no part of the foot is touching the floor outside the platform. The bar must not touch the head nor any head covering. The lifter has three attempts. The best one counts.

2. The Clean & Jerk

The bar must be lifted from the floor onto the chest in a single movement with no pause, nor any lowering of the bar. Once it reaches knee height it may not be lowered nor paused. The feet, if they have moved, are then to be placed in line apart and, when the knees are straight, the bar is Jerked in a continuous movement to arms length overhead. There must be no press and no pause.

If the feet were moved to do this they must be brought in line apart, the lifter must be motionless and the referee will then signal for the bar to be lowered. It must not be dropped from above shoulder height. There must be only one attempt from the chest. The elbows/arms may not touch the legs during the squat or split to receive the bar in the Clean. The bar may not be oscillated to assist it’s take off for the Jerk The other rules are as for the Snatch.

3. Order of Lifting

The bar will rise or remain the same between attempts. If a lifter has to lift successively he or she has 2 minutes from the loading of the bar to the start of the lift. There is a warning when 30 seconds remain. If a different lifter follows, that lifter has 1 minute and has the warning after 30 seconds.

4. Dress

A leotard is usual. A T-shirt without collar may be worn under it, as may shorts. The elbows may not be bandaged. The knees may be. Both knees and elbows must be visible to check if they are fully straightened above the head. A plain, tight fitting unitard may be worn under the leotard. Wrist bandages are allowed but must not be attached to the bar.

5. The Weigh In

It will last 1 hour. A lifter who is overweight and wishes to make weight may be re-weighed within the set hour. Lifters may weigh in naked or in underwear.

6. Number of Attempts

There are three attempts on each of the lifts. Only the best of the three counts in the total. That means one Snatch and one Clean & Jerk. The attempt must increase if the previous attempt was successful. An attempt that fails may be repeated. The minimum increase is 1 kg.

If a lifter fails to inform the official of his next attempt the bar will be loaded with 1 kg more, 30 seconds after the previous lift. This leaves only 30 seconds in which time the attempt must start. There are 60 seconds allowed between attempts if a lifter is following another one. If a lifter is lifting successively there are 2 minutes