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Olympic Weightlifting

The club, run by English u69kg Silver Medallist Ben Ross, is based at Elite-Bodyworks and are starting to be recognised as one of the best clubs in the South of England, producing Athlete's right up to European level.

As an elite level Weightlifter, Ben has a huge passion for the sport and loves to help develop people within it. He is currently qualified to the highest standard set by British Weightlifting and is a technical official for the sport as well as competing regularly himself.

Olympic Weightlifting is one of the oldest competitive sports still practiced today and arguably produces the most powerful athletes on the planet. Olympic Weightlifting has a huge carryover to virtually all sporting endeavours as it not only makes you stronger and more flexible but also does this while improving co-ordination and motor skills. This makes it excellent for anyone get fit and get stronger, children wanting to become more coordinated, athletes wanting to go forward and compete or simply wanting to try something new.

Sessions can be created for anyone who wants to learn, improve or potentially compete in Olympic Weightlifting. All Sessions are run in small groups and are taught by a qualified British Weightlifting Coach.

For beginners, the lifts will be broken down into smaller components and taught step-by-step to ensure perfect technique throughout. Once mastered, you will move onto a weekly training programme.

The lifters will then follow a well-structured training plan not only to improve your lifts but to increase your confidence within them. Friendly but not compulsory in-house competition/re-test every few months will be held to help you peak and get the most from your lifting.

Weightlifting features two lifts;The Snatch is one continuous movement of the barbell from the ground to full extension of the arms above the head. The Clean and Jerk is two movements. Firstly the clean is when the bar is pulled to the clavicles in one continuous movement and the second movement (the jerk) is where the arms fully extend overhead.

Current session times are available here

Take a look at The Rules for Senior Competition to know what to expect before entering competitively.