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Adam Wilson

Weight: 71kg
Body Fat Percentage: 18.5%

Weight: 74kg
Body Fat Percentage: 9.4%

I started training with James at Elite-Bodyworks in mid-Febuary 2011. I heard about Elite-Bodyworks Modified Strongman sessions through a friend and it sounded like the kind of thing to get me back into a gym. I had been a sporadic gym user but never followed a proper regime and always lacked motivation and never saw brilliant results.

I had taken around 8 months out of the gym after my son was born so was really struggling to get back into a routine or a gym that I found fun or interesting.

I was a touch over 70KG and 18.4% body fat when I started with James and wasn't in great shape at all. I originally started training with James at his Modified Strongman Training, which I cannot recommend enough.

Every week is different with exercises that you will NOT find in any gym! They push you in a way like no gym machine but are also extremely fun. You certainly know you've had a work out when you leave, exactly what I needed. After talking to James and explaining my goal to get lean, lose fat, gain strength and most of all stay motivated!


It was clear he was able to give me all the tools I needed. I have been following the BioSignature regime and therefore James has advised me on every aspect needed to achieve my goals whilst closely monitoring the results along the way. James put together a plan for my training, my nutrition/eating plan and supplements.

In May 2011, 3 months later, the training is still different all the time with James adding more equipment, new exercises and also being able to train outside in the sun, show me a gym that can give you that! My motivation is better than ever before, I cannot wait for my training sessions.

I could never go back to a usual boring gym or my old way of eating. When I do have a cheat day I appreciate the "naughty" food, but I don't resent it as I know I'll work it off the following day.

I used to eat a lot of carbs and now follow a controlled intake. It took a while to get used to, but now I couldn't go back. I feel more awake first thing in the morning, I'm also in a generally much better mood and also feel much, much better about myself and the way I look.

I'm now sitting at 74KG and 9.4% body fat, I feel ten times better about myself. I would recommend James to anyone (lots of my friends and family now train with him) James has obviously been trained to a very high standard. I like his non-patronising and motivation training manner. No question is a stupid one and he explains the reasons for EVERY protocol he subscribes in a way I understand. I also like the fact James practices what he preaches and isn't just a 'talker'.