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George Lewis

Weight: 74kg
Body Fat Percentage: 22.1%

Weight: 68.5kg
Body Fat Percentage: 14.1%

When I started Biosignature I didn't expect a quick fix but the diet and the supplement advice given to me by Ben Ross really helped me understand what the diet was all about and how you store fat in your body.

During the 12 week boisignature programme I was given tips on how to improve my training in the gym and also shown new exercises so I can get the best outcome from my workouts. When we got our body fat measured it was amazing how much you can actually lose in a couple of weeks, when we had our final weigh in at 12 weeks and we was shown our before and after pictures I could not believe how much my body had changed in such a short period of time.

Throughout the 12 weeks I was not alone, I could contact Ben at anytime whether it be at shopping or in a restaurant for advice on what I can and cannot eat. I would recommend this course to everyone!