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Howard Platts

Weight: 75.8kg
Body Fat Percentage: 12.6%

Weight: 73.7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 8.2%

I signed up with Ben from Elite bodyworks as I’d been attending his bootcamp classes and MST sessions at the fitness experts for a while and liked his coaching style.

Ben took me from an average 12% body fat to a lean sub 8% body fat and increased my lean muscle considerably. He was able to adjust my nutrition plans on a weekly basis when we worked out what worked for me and what didn’t so we could optimise the muscle build. As well as the PT sessions Ben was able to supply me with a 12 point calliper readings so we could see each month how I was progressing and work on my problem sights.

During my time with Ben I had several injuries and every time I got injured Ben was able to adjust every exercise to still allow me to train at a high level and letting my injuries heal no matter what they were.

Ben also coaches me at Olympic Weightlifting (Clean and Jerk/Snatch). Each week we progressed with the lifts until my technique was spot on, once my technique was nailed we broke the lifts down into each section and added weight to each part of the lifts to increase the lifting potential.

I can’t recommend the elite team enough, they literally changed my life.