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Matt Pitsch

Weight: 140Kg


Weight: 121kg
Body Fat Percentage: 28.3%

Weight: 105kg
Body Fat Percentage:15.8%

In October 2011 I decided to go for a bike ride with my mate Tony it was an easy 10 mile ride for Tony but for me over weight and smoking it was hard. I am sure I coughed up a bit of my lung and swallowed it again. That was it, I needed to give up smoking then get fit.

I gave up smoking but still needed now to get fit. I started running and at my weight then it hurt my knees like crazy. I needed to call in a hit squad. You have probably heard of them. #team EBW

I have known Ben for a very long time so had an idea if what he and the EBW team did. I joined there boot camp sessions in January 2012 and was hooked. I was able to push harder and harder each session, sometimes too hard (got a bit of a rep for being sick). "Oh Matty". Soon after, I started doing sessions with Ben on a 1-2-1 and a 1-2-2 with various friends. The weight was falling off and I was hooked more than ever!

Ben really started to impact my bad habits and crazy lifestyle with great achievable advice. I am now eating and enjoying a Paleo lifestyle I have cut out rubbish sugar, soft drinks and cook great clean meals for the whole family.

As I saw the results of not only my fat loss but my strength too, I committed more and more time to training and now do 5-6 sessions a week with Ben, he has always been there for me and is always happy to give advice night or day.

Throughout very tought my comp prep Ben pushed and supported me to constantly help move me forward, I now have my second comp booked for April and tough mudder in June with some great new mates made through EBW.

I can honestly say, without Ben I would be a 20 stone unhealthy blob of a man unable to enjoy life as I do now.

Thanks to a great PT but also now a great mate.