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Paul Cook

Weight: 97.5kg
Body Fat Percentage: 17.5%

Weight: 90.5kg
Body Fat Percentage: 9.6%

I had been working out for a number of years but had got to the stage where I felt I had plateaued. I wasn't able to shift fat or gain any increase in muscle mass.

My diet was fairly good, so I thought, and my workouts were challenging, so I thought. Upon meeting James however, and having our initial talks and Biosignature assessments, he instructed me on how I could alter my diet so to reach my goals; decrease body fat and increase lean mass. I also had specific goals for my sport.

After just 14 days following James' advice and workout program, I was already on my way to reaching and achieving more than I thought possible. After an 8 week stint I look more muscular, toned and slimmer around the waist. I would never have believed the amount my body has/could change in such a short space of time.

I would recommend James and Elite-Bodyworks to anyone looking for a great trainer. James is extremely knowledgeable and a great motivator. I wouldn't consider using anyone else for my Personal Training Sessions now that I have witnessed the results. Will certainly be returning.