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Rachel Wilson

Weight: 57.4kg
Body Fat Percentage: 26.8%

Weight: 56.5kg
Body Fat Percentage: 17.3%

I started training with James at Elite-Bodyworks at the end of February, a dress size 14 at 26.8% body fat. My main goal was to reduce body fat, tone up and most importantly drop at least two dress sizes in time for my wedding in August.

Having given birth by caesarean section 11 months previous my fitness and strength were at an all time low as was my confidence.


James was able to provide me with nutrition advice and guidance enabling me to make smart decisions regarding my food choices. Along with an improved diet I embarked on a supplement program which was regulated by James. In the beginning it was a hard learning curve and life style change, not many places or recipes cater for the 'carb intolerant'.

However a few trips around the supermarket, a few tips from James and a few internet searches later it now seems almost second nature to choose the low carb option. The hardest part of the whole process is resisting the quick convenience foods, but it just takes a little extra planning to stay on track.

The training sessions are hard work (of course!), but enjoyable and most importantly doable. It's as if James knows your limits better than you do yourself! After only a few training sessions I could see and feel a difference, I literally didn't know my own strength. James was able to answer all my questions and provide advice on every aspect from food to form, which kept me interested and focused.

I feel 100% more confident than I was back in February and my body is more toned and stronger than it was pre pregnancy/caesarean. Now a size 10 but still 3% body fat to lose to hit target. I am on track for my wedding in August and most importantly still motivated. Strength and conditioning training is definitely not just for boys, I would encourage any woman to embark on training with James and the best bit, not a treadmill in sight!