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Ricky Byrne

Weight: 87.7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 22.3%

Weight: 79.9kg
Body Fat Percentage: 10.7%

Why did you initially contact Elite-Bodyworks?
I contacted Elite-Bodyworks due to the fantastic information I received from friends and peoples outcomes on the website. The pictures speak for themselves.

What did your diet look before and what does it look like now?
My diet was very poor mainly eating anything and everything. My diet now is really good, lots off meat, fish and veg plus now I get to treat my self to a few good carbs on training days so that cheers me up a bit.

What do you enjoy most about your sessions?
I enjoy everything about my sessions with James, he pushes me to the max and knows how to get the most out off me and I'll only keep improving. I can now pull a double bodyweight Deadlift and triple figure Squat which are huge improvements from when I started.

What are your next goals?
My next goal is to get lean as possible for my holiday and then to go into my first Strongman comp in November (which I'd never have imagined I'd have been able to do beforehand) happy with myself and ready to do Elite-Bodyworks proud.