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Rocci Williams

Weight: 86kg
Body Fat Percentage: 13.8%

Weight: 78kg
Body Fat Percentage: 6.6%

Rocci Williams - Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter

I took the step of training with Elite-Bodyworks after a tough 3 round fight against a physically prepared fighter and although I came away with the win I felt my strength and conditioning needed to be improved.

I have made massive imrpovements with strength and conditioning and more importantly I have the physique of a professional MMA athlete. Advice on supplements, additional training, recovery etc is on tap, James Smith is one the most knowledgable coaches within the industry and has earnt my respect. I put my full trust in the hands of James when preparing for my future bouts and know that I will be more than prepared to go 3 hard rounds.

Having a personal strength and conditioning coach means I don't have an extra burden of knowing what weight goes on and how many reps, this is all logged down by James all I have to focus on is pushing, pulling and puking!

Awesome coach, awesome training = awesome results