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Weight: 80kg
Body Fat Percentage: 22.3%

Weight: 75kg
Body Fat Percentage: 15.7%

Before I started my diet, I felt that my overall my physic was pretty good, that was until Ben completed a Biosignature assessment on me and I came out at 22% body fat!

Not bad, but then not as good as I initially thought. After Ben outlined a diet and training programme, I realised that my goal was achievable, but it wasn't going to be easy. I was more worried about the diet side and sticking with it, but after the 1st week it became a routine and slipped easily into my daily lifestyle.

The biggest tip for anyone on this is to plan, prepare and keep looking forward. The exercise part was easy, well not easy really! My training programme was 8x8 for each body part, easy if it wasn't for the 30 seconds rest in between each set!! On top of that was 1-2 card workouts to really raise the metabolism and burn that fat.

The constant satisfaction I got from completing my workouts and seeing my body fat percentage go down and my lean muscle mass go up kept me going, along with the constant support from Ben pushing me to my limits made everything worthwhile and I believe the results speak for themselves.