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Zuzanna Platts

Zuzanna Platts

Weight: 54kg
Body Fat Percentage: 15.8%

Weight: 55.9kg
Body Fat Percentage: 11.3%

I used to be one of those people that just couldn’t get motivated and work hard enough to make an actual change on my own.  Thinking as a woman, my place in the gym is the treadmill, cross trainer and maybe an exercise bike. I’d go and spend 40mins-1hour on those machines, not really enjoying it, wondering what else I should/could do, and certainly not achieving the desired results of getting a lean and sculpted body, I never even thought about going near the free weights area.

After getting to know the EBW trainers from Bootcamp sessions I started attending their specialised sessions like Events and One Day Cure which turned boring useless gym sessions into hard work, beyond anything I’ve known before but lots of fun at the same time and most importantly a completely new feeling of achievement that was driving me to want more. Very soon I found out I really enjoy training under their supervision and with their knowledge I could achieve results I secretly dreamt of but wouldn’t dare to consider ever realistic.

Soon after I hired Ben as my Personal Trainer. He is an inspirational trainer who turned my I can’t attitude into I can. His patience, skill and understanding have helped me to understand in my personal circumstance to fit into a smaller size of clothing I need to gain weight instead of losing it, something I just didn’t understand due to my lack of knowledge, but he was right! he is a competent and knowledgeable trainer, very approachable, and provides lots of encouragement.

I lost body fat and gained lean muscle mass, I started gaining strength and step by step hitting personal bests that made me feel incredibly proud and motivated and wanting to constantly improve and better myself. 

Ben's enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief. I am now training at a level that I would not have ever thought possible. I looked forward to each session and each session was different to the lastsome of them sickly hard but all of them incredibly effective and enjoyable. As ben is a  Poliquin Biosignature practitioner it was very easy to monitor my progression, he always listened to my requirements and amended the training plan accordingly anytime it was needed.

Training with EBW was absolutely the best thing I could have done. The discipline and focus during the training coupled with my new ‘I can’ attitude and confidence led me to apply the same in my personal and work life. My lifestyle has completely changed, I’ve made new friends attending the group sessions and I achieved results I never thought were possible for me.  I also completely changed my day to day nutrition, they didn’t just put me on a diet to achieve my goals, they taught me how to eat well and stay healthy. They’ve set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. 

Thank you EBW!!!